71 West 47th St., Ste 204, New York, NY 10036

About Us

Established over 40 years ago LANDA INTERNATIONAL, INC. has grown into one of the leading suppliers for the jewelry, casting, and diamond industries. The LANDA name is synonymous with the most versatile selection of products, quality of service, technical expertise, and competitive pricing.

LANDA INTERNATIONAL has spared no effort in continuing to search for and expand into new markets while simultaneously improving our operation; enabling our customers to be reached better and more efficiently. Furthermore, the acquisition of Gamzon Bros., a prominent New York City jewelry supply firm, has diversified our geographic reach.

Today, LANDA INTERNATIONAL has a showroom in New York City. In addition, our modern fleet of trucks and vans allows us to ensure prompt delivery to all of our customers.

Our company offers a unique and comprehensive array of products that span all sectors of the market. This selection includes casting machines, precision electronic balances, magnifiers suitable for diamonds grading, our exclusive Rhodinette pencil plating apparatus, and much more. As equipment and technology needs change over time, LANDA promises to change with it by continually updating our operations and product base.

At LANDA we strive to consistently exceed expectations and satisfy all of our customers' needs. In order to do so, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist our clientele with not only expert advice, but prompt service. It is our belief that our commitment, ability to produce superior quality, and impeccable service has propelled LANDA INTERNATIONAL to the exclusive status of leading supplier in the jewelry manufacturing trade.